APECS' approach can be summarized in three words: Quick, Solid and Clear.


APECS is a group of experienced vehicle dynamics specialists. Working for major OEMs, APECS developed a very deep knowledge of vehicle dynamics engineering and tuning suspensions of all sorts of vehicles: Road cars, sports cars and SUV´s, but also niche-segments cars, like exotic sport cars and LCV's.

APECS' experience in motorsports, as team-owner, racing-drivers, setup-tuners and driver-coaches, adds to our fast and effective working method.

Because of our prompt and direct approach we can look back on many successful projects, where develoment-time was short, but the outcome always showed the best possible result.


APECS’ goal is to develop cars that give an impression of "Solid Dynamics" at any given moment, independent of driver-experience, weather, street-conditions or vehicle-loads.  

"Solid Dynamics" means that a car will drive safely and excellent on public roads and, depending on the type of car, will give a surprisingly good impression on racing tracks. In solid cars, comfort, safety and fun driving characteristics have been optimized and harmonized, so they will amplify each other for the better.

Equipped with "Solid Dynamics" a car is easy to understand and can be driven fast intuitively. Its responsiveness will give the driver clear feedback and feeling of quickness, beingable to find a personal limit easily, perfectly and comfortably able to control the car in any condition. The driver has become part of a complete and well-integrated system. Traveling will become a safe, relaxing and “fun-to-drive” experience. 

"Solid Dynamics" are not reserved for sport-cars only. APECS experienced that it is possible to develop solid ride and handling characteristics into any type of passenger car, being either a small town car, a midsized or big passenger car, even a SUV or MPV.


APECS is familiar with the difficulties in chassis and vehicle dynamics development. We know what can be done about it without the need of drawback compromises and development-time lost. APECS investigates and solves these problems according clear development methods: 

  • Picking the right suspension-components for the most economical and swift solutions.
  • Implementing logical and systematic working-steps, towards well defined engineering-goals.
  • Structured feedback of vehicle dynamics parameterization, according industry-standards. 


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