APECS develops special products with respect to vehicle dynamics and racing:  

Professional alignment tools

APECS develops an alignment-tool especially intended for testing- and racing-engineers. This tool has big advantages compared to existing alignment systems:

  • Very small and light: Easy for handling and traveling.
  • Complete system fits in a suitcase, with aditional space for a laptop.
  • Very fast checking of toe, camber and castor, within only 5 minutes. 
  • Extremely high precision and reproducibility of measuring-data.
  • Checking of settings without any need of lift-bridge.
  • Supporting app and tablet for data analyses and step-by-step setup-improvement. 
  • Compettitive price, high price/performance-quality ratio.

For more information: APECS-X

Correlation tool for Objective and Subjective evaluation

More information will follow soon.

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