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APECS' approach can be summarized in three words: Fast, Solid and Precise.


APECS is a group of experienced vehicle dynamics specialists. Working for major OEMs, APECS developed a very deep knowledge of vehicle dynamics engineering and tuning suspensions of all sorts of vehicles: Road cars, sports cars and SUV´s, but also niche-segments cars, like exotic sport cars and LCV’s.

APECS’ experience in motorsports, as team-owner, racing-drivers, setup-tuners and driver-coaches, adds to our fast and effective working method.


APECS’ goal is to develop cars that give an impression of “Solid Dynamics” at any given moment, independent of driver-experience, weather, street-conditions or vehicle-loads.

“Solid Dynamics” means that a car will drive safely and excellent on public roads and, depending on the type of car, will give a surprisingly good impression on racing tracks. In solid cars, comfort, safety and fun driving characteristics have been optimized and harmonized, so they will amplify each other for the better.


APECS is familiar with the difficulties in chassis and vehicle dynamics development. We know what can be done about it without the need of drawback compromises and development-time lost. APECS investigates and solves these problems according clear development methods:

Picking the right suspension-components for the most economical and swift solutions. Implementing logical and systematic working-steps, towards well defined engineering-goals. Structured feedback of vehicle dynamics parameterization, according industry-standards.

/ Services

APECS offers fast, solid and precise vehicle dynamics services, including:

Suspension Evaluation and Development

  • Subjective evaluation according industry standards, during all conditions.
  • Suspension-tuning of all sorts of vehicles, including special characterization.
  • Optimization of safe limit handling and ride comfort.
  • KnC-based suspension elasto-kinematics development.
  • Development of tires, springs, dampers, ARB’s, bushings, bump-stops.
  • Detailed knowledge-level of damper systems and valves tuning.
  • Application of steering - ABS/ESP- and torque-vectoring/differential-systems.
  • Test-engineers licensed for Nürburgring I-Pool, Proving grounds and race-tracks.
  • Build-up, planning and organization of complete vehicle dynamics test-teams.

Training, Seminars & Events

  • Driver assessment: Virtual and practical screening.
  • Driver-training: Proving-grounds, Nürburgring I-Pool and racing tracks.
  • Vehicle Dynamics seminars including know-how transfer at any location.
  • Event-organization e.g. product-launches and demonstrations.

/ Products

APECS develops special products with respect to vehicle dynamics and racing:

Professional alignment tools.

APECS develops an alignment-tool especially intended for testing- and racing-engineers. This tool has big advantages compared to existing alignment systems:

Very small and light: Easy for handling and traveling.
Complete system fits in a suitcase, with aditional space for a laptop.
Very fast checking of toe, camber and castor, within only 5 minutes.
Extremely high precision and reproducibility of measuring-data.

Checking of settings without any need of lift-bridge.

Supporting app and tablet for data analyses and step-by-step setup-improvement.
Compettitive price, high price/performance-quality ratio.

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